Cellucor M5 & Powdered Super HD Plus a Mystery Product on The Way!

After a very successful year for Cellucor the company has decided to reward its fans with some updates to the already impressive line.  With recent release of the Cor-Performance Series the company is heading back to their original line to make some improvements.

cellucor m5

So far it appears that a M5 update is on tap being completely reformulated into a pre/intra/post workout carbohydrate & performance product. M5 Reloaded Mass Builder is the name; it will be a non-stimulant carb load & carb pump product.


Super Hd Powder

Next, there are some rumblings that Cellucor is now formulating a powdered version of the ever-popular Super-HD which will make it a great competitor to the New Oxy-Elite Powder. And will make the product more versatile & people can adjust their dosages accordingly.

cellucor p6 black

Finally all we have is an image but all bets say that Cellucor is bringing back the popular testosterone booster P6 Black ‘Extreme’; but it is anyone’s guess at this point!

So if you’re a fan of Cellucor then you are certainly in for a treat in the coming months! As always be sure to check back here for information & updates on your favorite supplement companies!

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