BPI Sports Nite Burn: The Night Time Fat Burner Gets a Hasty Name Change!

bpi sports nite burnIf you didn’t notice over the weekend the brand set out an email blast saying they apologize and that the company released the product with THE WRONG NAME! This just goes to show how very little preparation and planning can go into some company’s products. If you do a Google search for Z-Burn you get numerous results for another product. Which is the reasoning we think for the hasty name change to Nite Burn arguably a better choice any way. Regardless of the name this product is not very unique and follows competition like:

ProSupps Crash

ALRI Lean Dreams

Applied Nutraceuticals Lipotrophin PM

Controlled Labs REDuction PM

Omega Sports Burn 24

As always be sure to check back and to see the ingredient information when BPI Sports decides to release it.

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