Bpi Sports Funnbar New Flavor, Grape


Bpi Sports Funnbar New Flavor, Grape

Early last year Bpi Sports released one of the industry’s highest rated protein candies, Funnbar. When this product first came out it was on such high demand that companies couldn’t keep them in stock. People went crazy for them and loved them. Well now Bpi Sports is back to add an additional flavor to the Funnbar group, grape.

When this product came out it was so popular that Bpi Sports started to make its own website, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram just for the Funnbar. When the idea of releasing a new flavor arouse the fans went crazy!

The new flavor is of course going to have the same ingredients and supplement facts. 1.5g of protein, zero fat, 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar and 15 calories per chew. The ingredients and supplements are going to stay the same but, you may have noticed that the packaging has changed! The Funnbar signature blue has been stretched diagonally across the left side of the bar giving the brand’s logo a nice consistent background. And of course there has not been any information when the bar will be released but, we assume it could be within the next couple months.


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