Blender Bottle GoStak Now Available

Blender Bottle GoStak2As promised, Blender Bottle has released their new product the GoStak! The GoStak is a convenient portable container system that is stack-able, hence the name GoStak. At first when we heard that they were simply just containers we were a little disappointed, but after looking through their website and seeing the actual use of the product we actually appreciate this new addition compared to a reinvention/re imagination of a new shaker bottle.

GoStak Cotnainers

The GoStak Containers can fit almost anything imaginable in-terms of your supplement and nutritional needs and they are easily washable. You can simply add whatever supplement you want to each container, stack them and then add them to your BlenderBottle for easy access at the gym and on the go!

GoStak ImageThe GoStak containers seem to be pretty durable and fit right into your BlenderBottle so that you can have them ready for any and all occasions. The nice thing about this design is that you don’t have to worry about getting your BlenderBottle full of powder because each container is separately sealed and locked so there is no leaking or spillage.

Well, there you have it the GoStak from BlenderBottle has just been released and will be available for purchase any day now. If you have purchased this brand new item or any other BlenderBottle item please feel free to leave us some feedback in the comment section below.

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By Tony Brettman



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