Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse

blackstone-labs-trojan-horseNow that the Arnold is over, we know about a ton of the new products coming out from Vendors. One of the most promising products from the Arnold has actually came from Blackstone Labs and their Guerrilla Chemist. He is their new chemist and has been coming up with some really interesting supplements. The latest that he has come out with is Trojan Horse, a unique non-stimulant fat burner that you can take anytime during the day and stack with anything as well. Blackstone Labs said they came out with this product because they wanted to give a non-stimulant option for those wanting a fat burner, but didn’t want the feelings associated with taking one. Now Blackstone Labs has some ultra potent fat burners, which this could actually stack, but I think most people will be taking Trojan Horse as a standalone-all day fat burner.

Why Call it Trojan Horse?

This fat burner is called an uncoupler. It basically tricks the body into thinking it needs more energy than it actually does. Then it uses fat storage to fuel that energy. That’s why you can burn fat all day long without the use of stimulants. Pretty creative name for what this product does.

Now as we talked about above, because this product is non-stimulant, it can be stacked with any other fat burner that you like or pre-workout. This can then increase the effects and results you could get from it. If I planned on taking this product, this is probably what I would personally do. Take Trojan Horse throughout the day and take a regular stimulant fat burner during the day.

It is Available?

Yes…this product is available at Blackstone Labs. We would expect it to be at some of the major retailers over the next few weeks. These would include:


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