Blackstone Labs Hype V2 Coming Soon!

blackstone-labs-hype-v2Blackstone Labs just released images of it’s new Hype V2 on their Instagram page. If you aren’t familiar with their original, it was just called Hype and it was a non-stimulant pump based product. With this category being flooded with more dominate formulas since the original came out, we are thinking that is was prompted Blackstone Labs to come out with the V2 version (like they did with Dust V2). I am personally hoping this one has bigger doses of some of the great pump ingredients. And something that tastes good and mixes well with Dust V2.

Release Date

We are unsure when Hype V2 will be released, but guessing in the next 6-8 weeks. If you want to try the current Blackstone Labs Hype, it’s available at the following retailers:


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