Blackstone Labs First Ever Protein, Isolation


Blackstone Labs First Ever Protein, Isolation

After the recent ban of prohormones, Blackstone Labs was forced to take almost more than half of their top selling supplements off the market. This was a critical hit on Blackstone Labs and the question remained, what will Blackstone Labs do now? Well they are answering back with their first ever attempt at a isolate protein powder. The name was finally released today and their calling this Isolation. Back last month Blackstone labs released a bag titled “isolate” on the outside of the bag there was also a few other small bits of information. Labeling the flavor as chocolate and also the serving size to be 31 grams.

Since the hint about this product back in December, they have remained quite… Until now. Now they are releasing the packaging and the official name Isolation. Today they are releasing a little bit more information, but they still are keeping a lot of it hidden. What they did release today was that this product is a 100% isolate formula listing 24g of protein per serving with about 110 calories per serving. That is the only other information they are releasing at this point. There has been no sign of an ingredients label, flavors, serving size, or any other information. Our guess is they will have a release date coming out in the next month or so. But at this time that is all we know, and as always we will keep you updated!

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