Introducing Betancourt Nutrition PURE-AMINO

By David Schroer

betancourt pure amino

Betancourt Introduce PURE-AMINO Coming January 2013!

It looks like Betancourt are attacking the heavily saturated BCAA Market in a different and unique way which has SIC very interested. A flavored Amino Product free of artificial sweeteners, colors, fillers!

Now, readers must understand that there is currently no peer reviewed research (to our knowledge) that artificial sweeteners/colors are bad although some FD&C colors have been found to be carcinogenic and banned.  But in an industry that is focused on ‘image’ calorie free is the way to be, so artificial sweeteners like ACE-K and Sucralose are King! It is quite refreshing to see a company go the ‘PURE’ route and offer customers a way to get their BCAA’s in a ‘decent’ tasting natural way!

Now the NITTY GRITTY details haven’t been released quite yet but it appears to be a 4:1:1 Ratio of BCAAs and as more and more support for Leucine surface your gonna want to start getting as much as possible from BCAA supplements! Also rest assured that we here at SIC are all over it and will update you when more information is available!


By David Schroer


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