Axis Labs N’Gage Energized BCAAs New Product

Axis Labs Energized N'Gage

Axis Labs Energized N’Gage BCAAs with Caffeine

Axis Labs has been around for some time now and have some interesting products & formulations. Having run their Hemodraulix Pump Producer which is an incredibly effective product along with the original N’Gage which tastes phenomenal. Axis Labs is in my opinion an under rated company who really have created some effective products and deserve some more recognition.

Improving on their original BCAA product N’Gage, Axis Labs decided to put out a product that not only improves physical performance but also mental performance as well. With the proven 2:1:1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids along with AjiPure L-Glutamine & 150mg of Caffeine this a a great way to keep you going through a tough workout or if you work out earlier in the day a great way to bet a boost along with recovery from your earlier workout.

If you are looking for a BCAA supplement to sip throughout your workout or your day than be sure to include Energized N’Gage into your supplement regimen!

By David Schroer


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