Available Now! MET-Rx introduces Protein and Oats

 MET-RX Protein and Oats

S.I.C. Point of View:

Met-Rx informed the industry of their new release a few weeks ago and the product is starting to hit retailers now! The counts come in at a about a 3:4 Ratio, packed with 17g of carbs to 25g of protein. 2 Scoop servings yield only 1g of sugar and whopping 7g of Dietary Fiber ‘Gotta Love Your Oats’ . It’s looking like just two flavors for now, cocoa and vanilla cinnamon. The cost is not too much stomach and is considerably lower than Ultramyosyn Whey.

Manufacturer’s Key Points:

MET-Rx® Protein & Oats provides vital components that help you power through not only your workout, but the hectic day that accompanies it. Easy to prepare and take with you, it’s a great-tasting option for pre and post workout meals or an on-the-go breakfast.

What’s better about our formula is the synergistic ratio of whey protein, oats and flax in the powder. Whey provides fast-acting protein while the carbs from oats are slow-acting; they all work together to deliver the right balance of nutrition to help support lean muscle mass and strength, while providing you with the energy you need to attack your busy day and an all-out gym session.

MET-Rx® Protein & Oats 2lb: Product Highlights

  • A protein powder combined with real oatmeal
  • Visible Oat Flakes in the tub
  • A nutritious source of quality protein & slow-digesting carbs
  • Serves as an excellent meal alternative for breakfast or at any time of day!
  • 25g of Protein per serving (featuring Whey protein as the primary source)
  • 7g of Fiber per serving ‐ 2X the amount of Fiber as a serving of regular oatmeal
  • 1g Sugar
  • Contains over 4g of BCAAs from protein
  • Convenient solution for our consumers who manually mix these each morning
  • Amazing taste!
  • Available in mouthwatering flavors!

MET-RX Protein and Oats Label


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