Athletic Xtreme Mass FX: Information & Ingredient Review

athletic xtreme mass fx

Athletic Xtreme MassFX

Anabolic Muscle Builder

Athletic Xtreme have announced the new formula for their natural muscle building product Mass Fx. And with that they have also announced a never before seen promotion. Basically a pre-order but you only pay a few dollars above the cost of the product which is definitely an interesting tactic to not only get the product into the hands of loyal fans but also get a large number of people to be taking your product & talking about it right as your launching it. This is the give & take we like to see between companies & the customers that are their life blood. Unfortunately this industry is inundated with companies that are only focused on the taking & never seem to give back.


The new product Mass FX is supposed to be a natural testosterone boosting product formulated around D-Aspartic Acid  & at first glance of the ingredients this should be an effective product.

Mass FX Ingredients

Zinc (as Zinc Amino Acid Chelate): A mineral that supports testosterone, libido and estrogen reduction.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): Vitamin D in serum appears to be positively correlated with overall androgen status, with sufficient levels of Vitamin D acting to normalize testosterone. Currently no evidence if supraphysiological levels of Vitamin D further enhances testosterone.

Boron (as Boron Citrate): In healthy male adults, supplemental Boron appears to be have mixed results. It has been implicated in increasing testosterone, but these may be dependent on time or dose as prolonged studies with the same or a lesser dose fail to replicate the increase in free testosterone seen in one study.

UDAX™ (Urtica SHBG Lignan Complex): 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran lignan extract that increases free testosterone, which triggers muscle growth.  found in extracts from Meliaceae and Rutaceae plants. An all-natural aromatase inhibitor. [1]

Methyl EAA™ (N-Methyl-aspartic acid): With 50x greater potency, this derivative of D-Aspartic acid increases testosterone and HGH. D- Aspartic Acid- Has been found to increase testosterone by upregulating mRNA which in turn produces a compound (Steroidogonic Acute Regulatory Protein) which has been shown to regulate the synthesis of androgen in the Leydig Cells[2]

Additionally, NMDA a neurologically active component of DAA has been found to induce testosterone production in the leydig cells. [3] 

Vanadium (as BMOV Bis-[Maltolato]oxovanadium[IV]): A glucose disposal agent, BMOV improves insulin sensitivity and builds glycogen in muscles.[4]

Cobalt (as Cobalt Amino Acid Chelate): Naturally boosts EPO and red blood cells to increase muscle oxygenation.[5]

Theobromine: Found in chocolate, theobromine increases vasodilation and oxygen/nutrient flow to muscles. [6]

athletic xtreme

When it’s all said and done if you are interested in products that are focused on increasing testosterone naturally. Products like these can be quite effective at getting you to an optimal level of testosterone production naturally. Look for Mass FX to start showing around the first week of April!

By David Schroer


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