Athletic Xtreme Lean FX Gets Reformulated

LEANFX Athletic Xtreme

An often overlooked company Athletic Xtreme provides an array of products that you should really take a look at! We will be talking about the new version of their non-stimulant cortisol control product Lean FX. But check the rest of their products on their website!

Athletic Xtreme Lean Fx

Ohhh Cortisol…that pesky hormone that when our bodies are under stress likes to tell your body to hold on to fat reserves at all costs. When dieting down & training hard Cortisol levels can often begin to rise which make it increasingly harder to get peeled for the stage, the beach or whatever your goals for getting lean are. Cortisol is very powerful and has many responsibilities in the body but when levels are reduced for certain periods of time it can allow for incredible fat loss!

This very impressive blend of ingredients should pack a punch to your cortisol levels.

Lean FX Ingredient Profile

  • Ursolic acid-like compounds have been implicated in inhibiting the enzyme which converts cortisone to active cortisol[1]
  • Maslinic Acid- Similar to Oleanic Acid Derived from Olive[2]
  • Oleanic Acid- Olive Oil Derivative found to promote Fatty Acid Metabolism[3]
  • Elenolic Acid- Similar to Ursolic & Maslinic Acid[1]
  • Androstenetriol (5-At)– DHEA and its metabolites (5AD and 5AT) counteract the stress-induced immunosuppressive action of glucocorticoids [4]
  • 7-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone- 7-OH is a sulfate of DHEA and is nodded at in approval in it’s effect on cortisol modulation[5]
  • Vitamin D- was associated with a positive androgen status (higher testosterone and lower SHBG) in men. [6]
  • Potassium Iodine- Lack of Cortisol can lead to Iodine deficiency;  Cortisol is thought to be a player in iodine absorption. Iodine, as a trace element, is a necessary and limiting substrate for thyroid gland hormone synthesis.[7]
  • Cats Claw Extract (Indoleamines)- Have been found to have beneficial effects on immunity and stress hormone (cortisol)[8]

lean fx ingredients

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SIC Review

I had the opportunity to be a beta tester of Lean Fx this past summer and it really impressed me. I had to cut the dosage because it was causing some joint discomfort but I definitely noticed new cuts in my stubborn lower abdominals. This product does what it says and that’s why I really took some time diving into the mechanisms of actions. If you’re planning a cut definitely consider giving Lean FX a go it will not disappoint.

By David Schroer


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