Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams Up With MusclePharm with Arnold Series

Arnold Series Muscle PharmOn the birthday of one of the most successful and widely known athletes of all time, one lucky supplement company now has the opportunity to carry a product line that features the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. Muscle Pharm and Arnold have teamed up to give fans a series of sports nutrition products that have been inspired by one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

The Arnold Series product line will initially launch with eight supplements supporting the four fitness pillars: performance, power & strength, nutrient support and recovery.

Now, at first we at SIC were excited to see Arnold put his name behind a supplement company and give fans a piece of the genius behind an all time best physique and diet regimen in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, but after discussing this news we have to say that we are on the fence. Hopefully Muscle Pharm will put out a product line worthy of the name and give fans quality products that respectively represent the one and only Arnold while giving the industry effective products that people will talk about because they work and not just for the name.

Fans of Arnold would hate to see a company tarnish his name with lackluster products with “run of the mill” ingredients and his name tied to mediocrity. Is this just a ploy on the part of Muscle Pharm to increase sales and brand following, or do they really want to formulate products that fans of both the brand and the bodybuilder will appreciate, use and respect?

Either way the Arnold Series should stir up the pot and get some buzz created for Muscle Pharm and their partnership with the “Governator”.

The Arnold Series will be available domestically and internationally at health and nutrition stores as well as online retailers in September 2013.

For more information on the Arnold Series check back here at Supplement Inner Circle.

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By Tony Brettman


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