Applied Nutriceuticals Uncut Pre Workout

Applied Nutriceuticals Uncut BannerApplied Nutriceuticals is releasing their new pre workout pump product that will claim the status of being the only true concentrated pre workout on the market. With all the pre-workout formulas and powders, pills and so on it would appear that the market for pre-workouts is definitely saturated but uncut maybe a refreshing addition.

According to the boards and a App Nut Rep, “Uncut is more than your average pre-workout that delivers laser focus with intense lasting energy and skin-splitting pumps”. Hopefully this product will deliver on its claims and produce good clean energy and actually accelerate gains in the gym.

App Nut Banner

We don’t have an ingredient list from the manufacturer at this time but hopefully App Nut will release more details in the next coming weeks.

Below is a few speculative ingredients:

-Amentoflavone (from Herba selaginella)
-Caffeine Anhydrous
-Huperzine A (from Huperzia serrata)
-Naringin (Citrus paradisi macfaydven)

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By Tony Brettman


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