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 Applied Nutriceuticals NO Uptake Introducing NO Uptake by Applied Nutriceutcals

The industry has seen many, ok it’s starting to border on riduculousness in just how many pump and pre-workout products there are out there. But competition breeds innovation, and whenever AppNut decides to throw their hat in the ring, everyone else takes notes! After reading through the usual products description something I have never seen before in a product claim caught my attention.  “Facilitates nutrient transport into skeletal muscle through up-regulating glycogen synthase and GLUT4 translocation”.  If you are unfamiliar with the potential of GLUT4, I recommend doing some research because you are desperately missing out. A resource I recommend is John Kiefer and his Carb Backloading protocol. Basically if utilized correctly GLUT4 allows you to store huge amounts of carbohydrates in muscle and not in fat. But please do your homework if not done correctly your gains will be in your midsection and not in your muscle. So as far as this blogger is concerned, I will totally be putting this product through its paces!

 On to the Nitty Gritty

N.O Uptake™ is a revolutionary new product from Applied Nutriceuticals® that uses cutting-edge science to bring forth an innovative formula that can help users get stronger, gain lean muscle mass, recover faster, and generate an around-the-clock muscular fullness (pump). N.O. Uptake™ utilizes several different complex pathways in a pharma-strength formulation to deliver nutrients to hard-working skeletal muscle- providing an optimal environment for recovery and lean muscle enhancement.

N.O. Uptake™ can be taken pre-workout (along with RPM™ and/or Drive™) to enhance Testosterone levels and supply an awesome pump, post-workout to enhance hormonal recovery and glycogen re-composition, intra-workout to stave off muscle catabolism, or even before bed with HGH-Up™ to provide a boost of GH and testosterone for overnight nutritional “dead time.”


-Up-regulates multiple synergistic pathways to allow for enhanced recovery, hormonal stimulation, and muscular nutrient uptake (hence the name “Uptake”)

-Facilitates nutrient transport into skeletal muscle through up-regulating glycogen synthase (GS) and GLUT4 translocation. GS is an enzyme converts that converts glucose to glycogen, while GLUT4 is a transport protein that pulls glucose across cellular membranes; both mechanisms allow for enhanced muscular fullness

-Increases GH and Testosterone levels, triggering a major skeletal muscle hypertrophy signaling pathway and allowing for maximal hormonal stimulation during recovery

-Targets anabolism through the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR), a strong biochemical trigger for recovery and growth

-Offers ingredients that enhance both the nitric oxide (NO) pathway, actual NO itself (through nitrates), as well as hydrogen sulfide (H²S)- an effect which can act synergistically to increase testosterone levels, as well as supplying a massive pump during a hard workout- you can literally “feel” your muscles growing!!!

Applied Nutriceuticals NO Uptake Label


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