ANS Performance Amino HP

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ANS Performance Amino HP

If you receive email notifications from ANS Performance than chances are you heard about the new announcement of their product name early yesterday morning. The name ANS has confirmed is Amino HP, other than the name being confirmed they have only released small bits of information. The only information they have released so far was that Amino HP is going to be an unflavored supplement and that it will be targeting 3 areas, build, repair, and power. As this is an Amino product those are the main effects you would see on just about any Amino product. But the full effects will determine on the amount of ingredients and dosage to determine the potency.

If you have had any ANS Performance product before then you will know right off the bat that their products are no joke! They are high quality and potent supplements that do what they are advertised! But we will have to wait a little longer until there is more information to fully determine what kind of product we are really looking at. For us, we have nothing but high expectations and we expect a great product from ANS Performance! Stay tuned for more information as it comes out!


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