Anafuse Review – Vital Labs | Does It Work?

Vital Labs AnafuseWith the ban of many prohormones back in December of 2014, companies have been struggling to come out with great products that can not only increase strength and build muscle, but that are legal to take. One great new supplement in Anafuse from Vital Labs.

What is Anafuse?

This is the new bulking supplement from Vital Labs. They claim that it can “Ignite your Anabolic Furnace” and bulking up is soon to be much easier. This is the first ever bulking stack created to help you increase bulk, mass and muscle…but also to help you keep it. Anafuse has all the anabolic compounds you need to help you put on lean muscle mass without need any other product.

How Does Anafuse Work?

This formula has Epicatechins and Laxogenin, both products that can help surpass your genetic limitations and put more lean muscle mass on your frame than you were ever supposed to. This formula seems to have ingredients you would see separately in other products…I am thinking Blackstone Labs Anogenin and Epi Cat. But instead of having to take two supplements, you have them both in one! In addition to those two ingredients, they also include HICA which helps with protein synthesis and helping stop muscle breakdown.

Optional Epicatechins

Optional Laxogenin

Is Anafuse Legal?

Yes! That is the great thing about it. Completely legal and it doesn’t alter your hormone levels at all. This means no cycle support and no pct is needed. No losing the gains you made like what commonly happens with prohormones. None of those nasty side effects either.

What Results Should You Expect?

  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Production of Stronger and More Dense Muscle
  • More Blood, Oxygen and Pumps During Workouts
  • Faster Nutrient Delivery to Your Muscles
  • Less Soreness Post Workout
  • More Endurance to Train Longer and Harder
  • Lower Body Fat and More Muscle

Side Effects

I read through my forum posts and logs and couldn’t find any side effects related to taking Anafuse. That doesn’t mean their arn’t any side effects, just users haven’t reported any.

How Long Can You Take Anafuse?

Vital Labs claims that you can take this product up to 12 weeks. That’s a lot longer than most prohormones. If you decide to take it that long, you will need a few bottles to do so. I recommend purchasing 3 bottles to get the job done.


  • You can stack this product with an Osta supplement
  • You can stack this product with an anti estrogen suppplement

Where Can You Buy Anafuse?

Right now just through their website, but I am sure more sellers will be stocking it soon.


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