Ampilean Pink for Women from LeCheek Nutrition Coming Soon!

lecheek-nutrition-ampilean-pink-for-womenLeCheek Nutrition has been releasing a ton of new supplements this year. And not only have they been releasing new supplements, they also re-branded their name and the look of all the supplements. The newest release is AMPiLean Pink, a fat burner specifically for women.

What is AMPiLean Pink?

We don’t quite know the ingredient list for AMPiLean Pink yet, but we can tell you there will be AMP Citrate, just based on the name and the other versions of this product they sell. While many companies are staying away from having this in their products, well many of them just are not advertising about it, LeCheek Nutrition is going full steam with letting everyone know their products have it. Now I personally love AMPiTropin, though it’s no longer for sale. Gave me a good mental boost during my workouts. I am excited to learn more about this product and the ingredients.

Is AMPiLean Pink Just for Women?

I am sure men will be able to take this (no hormone altering ingredients). I am guessing it’s just a less-stimulant heavy formula, which makes it perfect for women that don’t want all the jitters and crash that they may get from more men-targeted fat burners.

When Will It Be Available?

Not sure yet. Rumors are that two formulas are coming out, so I would expect to hear more from LeCheek Nutrition as the actual release gets closer.


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