Allmax Nutrition H:VOL Review

Allmax Nutrition HVOL ReviewI have been using H:VOL for a couple months now and am loving it. It’s a great non-stimulant pre-workout for pumps and vascularity. Yep…you probably hear that all the time. Well at 2 scoops, this is my favorite supplement to take…it’s up there with iForce Nutrition Hemavol and PES High Volume. All 3 of these products are great, and I just seem to be using H:VOL more often lately than either of these two. So what do I like about H:VOL?

Let’s Begin with the Flavors

I have tried all the flavors, Dragonfruit, Pineapple Mango, Green Apple Martini and now just recently Intense Grape. They are all pretty outstanding. I definitely like the green apple and intense grape flavors the most. They are both spot on, almost like the jolly rancher candies you had when you were younger. Makes it very easy to drink and actually enjoy. The other two flavors are good too, but I could personally do without them…just give me the grape and the green apple H:VOL!

Pumps & Vascularity Review

I was waiting for Allmax Nutrition to come out with a really good supplement that focused on this and last year they did. The ingredient profile is spot on with what you need to get a good pump…especially on arm day, which was yesterday for me. The pumps and veins usually disappear after my shower, but I still had nice veiny arms a few hours after my workout…I love that with this supplement. Plus it’s not stimulant, so you can stack this with anything. One thing I love to do is stack the green apple H:VOL with Metabolic Nutrition ESP green apple. You get all the stimulants you need for energy and then all the pumps you need from the H:VOL. You definitely need to try this stack!

Side Effects

No, I am not going to repeat the warnings listed on the bottle like every other supplement has. The one thing I noticed with this product is a flushing effect. I am pretty sure it has some type of Niacin in it. This only happens this first time I use it (or if I have taken a long break from it and get on it again). I get small red dots all over my body and I feel hot/itchy. It only lasts about 20min and goes away. This is because the way my body reacts with Niacin. It gets used to it quickly though…and if I used it 3-4 days a week, I only feel it during day 1. Plus it’s from 2 scoops…never got the effect from one scoop. So while it is a side effect, it’s not enough to make me stop using it.

Directions (Well How I Use It)

The directions say to take 1-2 scoops pre-workout. I always go for two scoops about 15min pre-workout on an empty stomach. Sometimes I even take it intra workout. Either way, awesome pumps are coming my way. You can definitely try different times pre-workout, but that seems to work best for me.

Final Conclusion

Allmax Nutrition’s H:VOL is definitely a supplement I recommend if you are wanting better pumps and more veins (you still need to be pretty lean to see those veins though!) throughout your workout and post-workout. It tastes great and it’s not too expensive.

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