Allmax Nutrition Carbion: The Perfect Carb Solution!

allmax carbion

With the Arnold just days away Supplement Companies are gearing up for second biggest Fitness Event of the year. With nearly all the top echelon companies introducing new products. Allmax Nutrition is not missing this opportunity to launch a new formula either.

High quality carbohydrate products specified for athletes are starting to really gain some traction in the industry. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet your sorely missing out.

From a brief glance it seems like Allmax have done it again. With the current carbohydrate products on the market based solely on only one or two sources of carbohydrates. Allmax Carbion comes with 6 different sources of carbohydrates with different rates of digestion. Along with a Carbohydrate Utilization Blend to help shuttle the carbs where we want them, into the muscle and not fat. Additionally with an added electrolyte complex which can also help enhance carbohydrate utilization. Carbion just may be the most complete & effective carb supplement available!

allmax carbion

 CARBION+ Ingredients


CCD™ Clustered Cyclic Dextrin (Highly-

Branched Structure)   6.5 g

DE-5™ High Molecular Weight Dextrin     Polysaccharide             6.4 g

AWM2300™ Ultra-High Molecular Waxy     Maize           6.0 g

Rice Polysaccharide (Glycosidically-Bound Monamer)                 3.2 g

Fibersol-2™ Digestion-Resistent Dextrin     (Highly-Branched Structure)              1.6g

Potato Polysaccharide

(Glycosidically-Bound Monamer)          0.9g


Prickly Pear Extract      108 mg

Bitter Melon 56 mg

D-Pinitol           8 mg

Vanadium (as Vanadyl Sulfate)              5 mg


Sodium             85 mg    4%

Magnesium    58 mg    14%

Pottassium     40 mg    1%

Calcium            30 mg    3%


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