ALLMAX Nutrition Carbion: New Carbohydrate Product for Athletes

allmax carbion

ALLMAX Nutrition Carbion

With the Arnold just days away Supplement Companies are gearing up for second biggest Fitness Event of the year. With nearly all the top echelon companies introducing new products. Allmax Nutrition is not missing this opportunity to launch a new formula either.

High quality carbohydrate products specified for athletes are starting to really gain some traction in the industry. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet your sorely missing out.

Training Formulated Carbohydrates

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin- Gaspari Glycofuse  &  VPX CarbonX

Homopolysaccharide- EFX Karbolyn

Long, Medium And Short Chain Polysaccharides– ProSupps Karbolic

Dextrose- Empyrean Insu-Pro

______?_________ – ALLMAX Carbion


Knowing the formulators over at ALLMAX’s track record, Supplement Junkies are in for a treat. Just because someone has done it first doesn’t mean that someone can’t always do it better. With ALLMAX that is almost always the case! Case & Point; ISOFLEX! Not to mention Razor 8, VitaStack, MusclePrime the list continues….

All in all ALLMAX is a top notch company that provides very high quality products; & the company is quite worthy of your hard earned dollar! Just to prove I have no bias or connection with Allmax for all this ‘lip’ service. I have my pick of free supplements and still choose to purchase ALLMAX products so take that how you will!

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