Introducing AI Sports Nutrition Massularia

AI Sports MassulariaIntroducing Massularia Acuminata from AI Sports Nutrition

-formerly Anabolic Innovations = they know their hormonal boosting products!


Massularia Acuminata: a shrub located in Western Africa has been utilized for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac as well as an anti-microbial.

Jumping into its potent aphrodisiac effects which can be attributed to the herb’s natural ability to raise endogenous (body’s ability to produce) testosterone and luteinizing hormone (signals creation of testosterone and sperm cells in the testes) Both of these hormones when raised will work together and result in heightened libidoand both sexual as well as physical performance, who doesn’t want that!

So can we expect to get MASSive with MASSularia? Let’s dive into the technical jargon!

Recently, in 2008, a good amount of time and research went into determining what Massularia Acuminata does. Studies have revealed that the phytochemical constituents of Massularia Acuminata, i.e. the alkaloids, saponins, and polyphenolics, do indeed raise testosterone levels in a dose dependent manner. In the highest dose range, it was shown to boost testosterone by approximately 60%, with a corresponding increase in Luteinizing hormone of approximately 66%.

Given the dose dependent rise in testosterone levels, you may have experienced less than stellar results with other products. Some are woefully under dosed, and with some products, you have no idea how much Massularia Acuminata you are actually getting. With AI Sports Massularia Acuminata, you know how much you are getting, and know it is one of the highest most effective doses available. We have used an extremely potent 4:1 extract in our product, dosed at 550mg per pill, dosed 4 times daily. At a 4:1 extract, this equates to just under 9 grams per day, right at 8800mg. This is significantly higher than other similar products, which gives a greater dose dependent increase in testosterone.

Not only do you get the hormonal effects of Massularia Acuminata, you also get massive strength increases. Each and every beta tester who used this product set personal bests in multiple lifts, and was setting them almost weekly! When the beta testers were finished, they were desperately seeking more!

AI Sports Massularia


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